New Trends in Construction Materials: 5 Flooring Options for 2022

flooring trends 2022
We’re almost to 2022—and that means a new year of trends that builders will need to be aware of because homeowners and project managers will be asking for them. So what to expect for the year ahead? In terms of flooring, there will be much to look forward to, including new trends in construction materials. Here are the top five flooring trends that will be big in 2022!

5 Reasons You’ll Need a Flooring Cost Estimator in 2022

1. Concrete is Coming on Strong

Concrete is among the top new trends in construction materials—especially when we talk about flooring. It’s also true that historically, concrete had a bad reputation as a flooring option, but that was mainly due to the lack of options available to enhance its drab appearance. Builders were left with only a few choices, which include leaving it unfinished or painting it, neither of which could match up to other flooring options.

Today’s concrete flooring is a different animal entirely. New concrete finishes mean that you can now put a satin smooth finish on it—or even a gloss, if so desired. Concrete stains, as one example, allow contractors to add durable, beautiful colors that don’t come with the artificial look of paint. There are also concrete stamps and patterning tools that allow skilled masons to recreate the look of wood grain, tile, and various other textures to add lots of interest to the durable traits of concrete flooring.

2. Tile Patterns are Big—and a Flooring Cost Estimator Can Help

Industry trends are starting to move away from things like subway tiles and the more traditional square and rectangular shapes. While these shapes will never go out of style completely, hexagonal tiles are becoming more popular.

What’s more, patterning with color is a growing trend, regardless of shape. Checkerboards, color blocking, and stripes are all growing in popularity. For contractors, that makes an accurate flooring cost estimator an invaluable tool so that you can track the square footage needed for each type of tile—and how much the supplies will cost, even with complicated patterns.

3. Place a Focus on Unique Geometry

Beyond unusual tile shapes or patterns made with colors, there is also an increasing demand for unique geometry within flooring designs. This can mean tiles or laminate in unusual shapes—like triangles, for example—but more often than not, it means using traditional  flooring material to create something interesting.

One example is floor framing, which is popular in parquet-style floors and other types of wood floors. This technique requires you to lay flooring in opposing patterns or directions so that a pattern emerges over several tiles or squares. Mosaic tiles are another great way to introduce this geometry. Create hexagon frames, Greek key designs with square mosaic tiles, or intricate shapes  that add a geometric element to the flooring.

There are plenty of new trends in construction materials, especially where flooring is concerned. When estimating costs, you’ll need to make sure that your flooring cost estimator is up to date with the latest materials in order to accurately create estimates.

So what are some of these new trends in wood flooring? Luxury vinyl planks are some of the most requested products, offering the look and feel of real wood, with easier maintenance and lower material and installation costs.

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For bathrooms and other areas where you need something durable against moisture, faux wood tiles are a sturdy solution. Made from ceramic tile,  they offer the look of wood—but give the durability, moisture resistance, and easy maintenance of tile.Finally, there are engineered hardwoods. This option offers more moisture resistance than solid hardwoods, and with the plywood-like construction, these are floors that can stand up to almost anything.

Wood Flooring has been a big trend for a number of years now—although that trend has evolved some as the years have gone by. We’ve seen everything from gray wood floors to dark finishes and even rustic wood flooring topping trend lists. For 2022, this trend will focus on light and mid-tone woods, especially blonde shades. This includes pine, blonde hickory, and even sustainable options like bamboo floors.

No matter what type of flooring is specified in your residential or commercial project next year, you’ll need a flooring cost estimator you can rely on to keep up with the latest trends. 

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