National Association of Home Builders Names 1build Most Innovative Startup for 2021

1build was selected by the National Association for Home Builders as a Top 9 innovative startup from 100 construction companies. Discover why 1build stood out in a sea of startups.

1build Selected as Most Innovative Startup by National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)  

1build is thrilled to announce it has been named a top construction startup for 2021 by the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) and included in its IBSx pavilion virtual event held on February 9 – February 12. 

The NAHB IBSx or International Builders’ Show aims to highlight the most innovative startups transforming the home building industry–from concept to product–so builders can envision the future of home building and change the way they currently do business. 

1build is honored to be selected from among 100 construction companies with products or services less than 3 years old. And because we’re constantly developing new products and services to solve entrenched problems in cost estimating and the home building industry, we hope this is the first but not the last time we’ll be featured on NAHB’s list of top construction innovators. 

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Please take a moment to review construction’s Top 9 most innovative startups of 2021:  

  1. 1build: An on-demand cost estimation service that delivers detailed and accurate cost estimates and takeoffs to help builders win more bids.
  2. BidBird®: A construction marketplace where buyers post their construction material needs and material suppliers bid to win orders. 
  3. Dweller: A builder and installer of prefab accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
  4. EPIC Block: A manufacturer of energy-efficient, fire-resistant concrete skinned insulated building blocks.
  5. Mighty Buildings: A construction technology company that creates modular homes and building components using 3D printers utilizing a thermoset composite material that hardens when exposed to UV light.
  6. On3: A mobile-first AI-based field learning app that aims to educate construction staff on building practices and construction specifications.
  7. RezDox: A black-owned, woman-owned company that offers a smart tool that digitizes and calculates the equity gained from your home’s renovations, improvements, repairs, and maintenance in real-time.
  8. Rivet: A free communication app designed to help builders save time, resolve problems faster, and get an organized record of important jobsite info.
  9. StratoDem Analytics: A data science firm that generates hyperlocal economic, demographic, and performance forecasting and analytics.

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