Looking Up: Positive Construction Stories

Hempcrete in a mold
Good news from across the construction industry this month.

We all need some good news now and again, and our industry is full of it! Innovation and creativity are at the core of what construction is all about, so 1build has gathered the best stories of the month to kick-start your idea machine and celebrate the best of what building has to offer. Hear about a great story in construction? Send it to us!

The University of Denver launches collaboration center for property development and construction management students

Master’s student Adrian Frank using the Bluescape wall in the Marion J. Crean Collaboratory. Photo courtesy University of Denver. Photo by Holly Hernandez, Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management.

With workspaces designed for groups and cross-team communication, as well as the latest in wrap-around LCD screens, college students will be able to connect the academic setting with construction industry advisors across the country.

This Rebar-tying Robot sets a record with more than 11k ties in a single day

Working on an expressway bridge in Clearwater, Florida, the robot designed by Advanced Construction Robotics worked at a pace of 1,100 ties per hour to set the newest record.

At Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, more women are enrolling in trade programs and entering the construction industry

Courses like welding, Residential Construction Confidence, and Industrial Technology have seen an uptick in enrollment from women. With hands-on programs, new technology, and job offers nearly guaranteed after graduation, more women are seeing the benefits of a career in the construction trades.

Students design, fabricate, and construct scaled models of steel bridges in the Student Steel Bridge Competition

The team from the University of Florida took home the overall win at this year’s Student Steel Bridge Competition hosted by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). The 2022 competition challenged college students to create a hypothetical wildlife crossing over 1-90 in Washington State, using a deck truss design, skewed piers, and a cantilever.

Texas A&M University received a $3.7 million grant to research sustainable hempcrete that can be 3-D printed

A combination of hemp powder, fibers, lime, and water is set to be the newest green building material to be used in 3D printing. Hempcrete is a net carbon-negative material, and is more resilient in a natural disaster when compared to typical wood-frame construction.

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