Finding the Right Estimator for Your Project

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When you are bidding a specific trade or type of project, you want an estimator who has experience pricing the needed materials, equipment, and labor. Learn how 1build matches you with our Estimator Network to help grow your business.

How 1build matches you with our Estimator Network

A high-quality estimator is one of the most crucial members of your construction team. Estimators ensure that prices are accurate and create competitive bids that can win your next project. They also help your business predict future costs and cash flow by tracking current material and labor pricing. By analyzing construction plans and developing a scope of work, a dedicated estimator makes building possible.

The team at 1build is all about making construction pricing straightforward, but our online estimating platform isn’t the only tool. We also have an Estimator Network, made up of knowledgeable experts, ready to finish pricing and takeoffs for your next project. Working in every region of the United States, each estimator in our network has an average of 10 years experience. When you use 1build’s Estimator Network, your business is matched with an estimator who is familiar with your work, has expertise in the project trade area, and can get the project finished on time.

Stick with the same estimator

Did you work with an expert estimator in our network who did amazing work for your project? Our team will often match your project with your preferred estimator; as your estimator becomes an extension of your team, your bids become more accurate and reflective of your business’ specific construction practices.

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Get the expertise you need

When you are bidding a specific trade or type of project, you want an estimator who has experience pricing the needed materials, equipment, and labor. And if you are estimating a new kind of project that is out of your wheelhouse, the 1build Estimator Network can step in, provide specific trade expertise, and effortlessly complete your bid. These estimators have also helped to create new channels of construction business, so if you are exploring a new area and need assistance with pricing, 1build can be your first stop.

The 1build Estimator Network holds expertise in:

  • Electrical pricing
  • Renovation pricing
  • Ground-up residential pricing
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement pricing
  • Earthwork pricing
  • Plumbing pricing
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Pricing
  • Mechanical/ HVAC pricing
  • Landscaping pricing
  • Hospitality Improvement pricing
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Hazardous Materials Pricing

By pairing your project with an expert in your needed trade, you eliminate the learning curve that typically exists when hiring a new full-time estimator. You also gain the flexibility to use a specific kind of estimator for each type of project—a professional who understands the nuances of materials and the timeline necessary for your high-quality standards.

Estimators in the 1build Network have worked on projects across the continental US and US territories, so no matter the region, terrain, or weather restrictions, there is an estimator that is the right fit for you.

Save Time, Win More Bids

How many estimates can you complete on your own? Detailed quantity takeoffs and line-by-line pricing take valuable time away from your client meetings or your work in the field. With the professional 1build Estimator Network doing the pricing work, you can increase your bid volume that leads to more project wins!

Estimating On-Demand

Do you have a bid submittal due next week and need pricing quick? The 1build Estimating Network is here for you. If your team is facing a rush project and your preferred estimator isn’t available, 1build will assign it to the first estimator with your project expertise who can finish the bid within your tight timeline. Our Estimator Network blends the best of combined estimator experience with the benefit of on-demand estimating services.

Estimating services can be make or break for a growing construction company. A reliable estimating team that uses the power of the 1build local materials cost database can help your business take the next step and win more bids! Ready to get started? Talk to our team about starting a 1build subscription and get custom pricing for your next estimating project.

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