Free Bid Proposal Template for Construction Estimates

Construction Bid Proposal Template
Developing a professional and competitive bid proposal for a project is difficult and time-consuming, but 1build is here to help. We’re excited to announce our new free “ultimate” construction bid template for MS Word and PDF!

Best Bid Proposal Template by Construction Experts

Most builders will win only 1 out of every 6 bids they submit. Although there are new tools and services to try to help contractors beat these odds, the cold hard truth is that this situation–which wastes time and money, drains resources, and decreases contractors’ profitability–is only getting worse.

Since 1build’s goal is to partner with our customers to help them achieve their business goals, not just develop their estimates, we’re thrilled to announce our new construction bid proposal template, which is specifically designed to help contractors, subcontractors, and project managers of firms beat these odds.

In fact, this bid proposal template is the second in our series of free templates designed to help builders win more bids so they can increase revenue and grow their business. (You can download our #1-ranked cost estimate template here.)

We hope that by leveraging this new bidding template in either MS Word or PDF format, you’ll not only be able to increase the number of proposals you submit but also increase the percentage of those you win. 

You can download this bid template and start using it immediately. 

Choose the Construction Bid Proposal Template by Experts at Winning Bids

This free bid proposal template was designed by an expert who has developed hundreds of winning bid proposals for our customers. After evaluating top bidding proposals in the industry, we developed the most comprehensive bid proposal template that includes all 13 essential information categories necessary to create a professional, complete, and competitive bid that will win you more jobs and help you beat the competition:

Bid Proposal Template Categories
Bid Proposal Cover SheetBid Proposal Cover Letter
Company Profile/BackgroundProject Scope
Existing Conditions & ConcernsWork Schedule
Equipment List & AssetsCost Estimate: Materials
Cost Estimate: LaborCost Estimate: Misc
Payment TermsSupporting Documents
Final Proposal

How to use the construction bid proposal template:

  • Simply download the template
  • Open up the template in MS Word or PDF and begin replacing our place-holder text with your own
  • Let the template do the heavy lifting for you! 

If you’d like to learn more about how to develop a winning construction bid, you can start by reading our comprehensive Construction Bidding Guide.

Need Help with Your Cost Estimate for your Bid Proposal? 

Why not try a cost estimating service? 1build is a new on-demand cost estimating service that has been recognized nationally as one of the most innovative construction startups in 2021 by providing detailed and accurate cost estimates and takeoffs that help contractors win more bids. After subscribing and uploading your plans to 1build, you’ll receive a full-scope cost estimate within days

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